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New Salamis
Hillingdon Borough FC vs New Salamis FC

Hillingdon Borough FC vs New Salamis FC

By Hillingdon Borough
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Match Report 03/08/2019

In the opening league game of the season Hillingdon Borough FC hosted New Salamis FC.

After a very good pre season and a previous week playing a very strong side Marlow Town FC our team went in to the first game with so much optimism and positive attitude started the game against New Salamis FC defending waiting for opponent mistakes as it happens came our first chances missed by our striker Courtney and winger Ali.
Our defence dealing very well with long balls where Lee Peach receives very good support from Luke Mann, Rinidie and Jack Bogie also our midfielders Kenneth and Aaron who taking care of the balls coming from our defenders and making connections with our forward players Ali, Simeon, Ash and Courtney
The visitors were trying so many passes on their wingers and slowly gave results as in the 35 minute Josh Grantham scores 1-0 up for visitors.
Hillingdon started to wake up and attack more with so many passes between the visitors defence and in the 40th minute our striker Courtney Austin makes it 1-1 and the games is on for our team.
Just before half time a crossed ball from visitors Leon McKenzie scores 2-1 for Salamis.
Second half started very strong for our team missing again so many chances of course in the end the opponent team is gonna benefit and in the 58 minute Leon McKenzie scores again for Salamis and makes it 3-1.
Hillingdon making a substitution Jula Adrian coming in and winning a penalty for our team in the 65th minute of the game.
Courtney Austin steps up down the middle makes it 3-2 game on again for our boys.
Very open game both teams attacking but as the visitors started to lose energy and Hillingdon keep attacking and missing chance after chance but unfortunately the visitors has another cross from the winger and finishing in the 78th minute 4-2 Antonio Paone-Michael.
Hillingdon making 2 substitutions same time Josh Kurton and Hugo Lopes coming in with fresh legs and our boys are full on attacking missing chances 1vs1 with the keeper and living spaces as the visitors making it 5-2 in the 84th minute Ryan Hervel scored.
As it the games goes on Hillingdon not giving up but the visitors scores again with a long range shot in the 87th minute 6-2 Josh Grantham scored again.
89th minute Josh Grantham scores a hat trick 7-2.
Full time score Hillingdon Borough FC 2-7 New Salamis FC.
Our boys making a very good team performance for the first game against a solid New Salamis FC and going again with positive attitude also hopefully coming back with 3 points from Park View FC away.

The team : Bernardo Lopes
Luke Mann
Lee Peach
Jack Boggie
Subs in : Josh, Jula, Hugo.
Unused subs : Benjamin, Iulian, Andrew
Man of the match : Courtney Austin.
Attendance : 40

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Sat 03, Aug 2019






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New Salamis
Hillingdon Borough