Interview with our 1st Team Manager

Interview with our 1st Team Manager

By Hillingdon Borough
27 June
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1st Team Manager Cipri

What made you want to join the club?

September 2018 I have been asked by a player to come and help the manager at that time.
After a few weeks I felt that this club doesn’t deserve to be where it is because it has so much potential to grow.
After a few conversations with Dee I saw how much she wants Hillingdon Borough FC to become a successful club.
End of November 2018 I have made the decision to step back from the 1st team.
Towards the end of February 2019 Dee called me and asked me if I could come and take charge of the 1st team and i didn’t think a second before saying 'Yes!'.

What can the fans expect of the players you will be signing this summer?

All the players who will join Hillingdon Borough Fc will understand that this club has a rich history and it is a club which demands commitment, discipline and hard work.
We are looking to bring 3-4 players with experience from higher leagues to help our young squad to progress in the football league structure.

How are plans going for pre-season?

The plans are going better than expected.
We had a trial day and we now have over 35 players that are training with us at the moment.
For everyone at Hillingdon Borough Football Club, it will be a fresh start this season.
We will be focusing a lot on the training and then putting it in practice in our friendlies.

Any predictions on where you think the team will finish next summer?

Hillingdon BFC will only demand the best and we are working hard to deliver the best.
We have a great amount of support from our wonderful owner Dee and hoping to bring the fans back to the ground like in older days.
We are going to work hard for the top spot in the league for this season.

Will you be looking to make links with other local clubs ie. Northwood/Wealdstone for youngsters?

We are in contact with few clubs around us and we are going to keep working on our great relationship with them.

What do you think the team will gain from the pre-season fixtures?

We planned the fixtures so that players will understand what we are expecting from them. Playing against teams which are higher will challenge us to improve our game.

What style of football can the fans expect to see?

After working for Crystal Palace Fc for several years I have created my own style and it will be a style which top clubs are using.
Fans will be very entertained and will enjoy watching our games home or away. It will be fast and attacking.

Ciprian Pintilie
1st Team Manager

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